Introduction: Potty Training – Tips & Tricks to Potty Train Your Child in 1 Week

I have recently been getting asked my Potty Training Process and how I was able to get Connor to be potty trained within a few days.

I was extremely nervous when I started potty training because I had no idea what to expect. I did wait until he was 2 ½ to get started. Honestly, I wish I would have started sooner. Everyone had scared me and told me to wait until after he was 3 to even start thinking about it. I was always told if you start too early it could be detrimental to them. I posted awhile ago for some help with ideas about Potty Training. Thank you to everyone who commented and sent me email. It really got me thinking about how I wanted to potty train and wow was I clueless when I first started thinking about it!!

I’d like to begin by telling you that I am by no means an expert!! Every child is different and there are many factors to consider when potty training.

I do have to say that after the first day Connor was doing pretty well, but I expected the process to be completely different! You MUST have a lot of patience! The first day he had a total of 3 accidents and we went through lots of underwear because he hated feeling the “drips” as he would call them in his underwear. Be prepared for the unexpected.

By the 4th day, when I had just about  had enough cleaning up accidents and being in the bathroom 90% of my day, it was like a light switch went off in his head and he just got it. I can’t even explain the excitement!! I had read and heard of other people’s potty training experiences and was told that they all of a sudden just get it but I honestly did not believe it. Let me tell you it happened with my kid! Shockingly he just all of a sudden got it. I did not have to consistently tell him to pee or go on the potty over and over again by the 4th day. He began telling me! Now, don’t get me wrong we still have some accidents but the majority of them have been when he just didn’t make it in time to the toilet.

Before starting Potty Training I read every possible article and online forum out there. I seriously obsessed over how quickly some people were able to potty train their children and wondered how because it seems like such a complex task for them to learn. Since he is my first child everyone and their mother had told me tons of horrible stories from their own experiences with potty training their children. One tip that stuck with me was from a good friend of mine, she had just finished potty training her daughter and said that instead of focusing on actually going to the bathroom they rewarded her for keeping her underwear clean and dry. I absolutely loved this idea because I did not want my son to become discouraged with the potty training process if he did not immediately go on the potty.

After reading a plethora of blogs, books, tips and everything else I formulated my own plan and decided to just go with it. I did learn a LOT from these places as to how to get started and expectations. I am sure you have heard about people potty training their kids in 1 day and other people taking months. This method worked for us and will hopefully work for you too!!
“Never, never, never give up.” – Winston Churchill

Knowing if your child is ready for Potty Training??
This is honestly a question that only you will know the answer. Personally, I feel that children are developmentally capable of being potty trained around the age of 2.

I do not think that all children will show you these signs like sitting on a potty chair or pretending to go on the big toilet.

Connor started to ask me to change him when he was pooped. They should be able to understand when they have had a bowel movement. Some kids I know will hide. Those are some signs of readiness. I think it is important to focus on if they can easily learn new tasks, how well they communicate with you and if they can understand simple concepts like ‘put your cup on the table’ or ‘go get your toy.’ It can sometimes be hard to know if they are ready but as a parent you know your child the best so it is hard for someone to tell you if they are or aren’t ready. That’s why I think most people say wait until 3 years of age.

Find out our exact step-by-step Potty Training Process!