Pour Over Coffee Maker

Introduction: Pour Over Coffee Maker

I made this coffee maker for temporary use after ours broke but seeing as that was a few months ago it has no problem being used for long ish term use.

I made this from:

-pallet wood
-1" screws
- a funnel (the size of a coffee filter)

Step 1: Measure Materials

I made this from pallet wood and some 1" drywall screws but nails should work too

It is about a 12" and has a 7" long base.
The top horizontal piece is 5" long and should be high enough to put your mug under. I made mine to fit anything as tall as my thermos but it is to narrow for a coffee pot.

Step 2: The Funnel

A hole should be drilled in the top horizontal piece for your funnel to rest in. Mine was a 1" hole and I used router bit to round the edges

Step 3: Make Your Coffee

The way I make my coffee I to put my filter in the funnel, put my coffee grounds in it, boil a kettle of water, and the once the water is hot I pour it over slowly as not to over fill it.

Step 4: Notes/thoughts

the first cup is typically the best after wards the filter begins to get with the grounds and it takes longer.

This is ideal for the people who only make one cup. You can make however much you like

Please comment/ suggest

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    6 years ago

    Yeah I don't boil it all the way I just listen for the right sound.(I have had this kettle for a long time)


    You might get a better brew if you heat the water until just below boiling point, as this will help prevent releasing the bitters from the coffee grounds. I use a French press for my brew and microwave the water for precise temperature control, and to my own taste it does make a difference.