Introduction: Pourable Mason Jar for Storage

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A very simple hack, but extremely useful. This can be used with both solids and liquids. Also a great way to access what is in the jar for individuals that have difficulty opening wide mouth jars.

Step 1: Materials and Methods


-Mason Jar (Of Course)

-Milk/Orange Juice Carton

Any carton will do, and you can experiment with any other spouted object.

Step 1:

Unfold the top of the milk carton and cut out a large area that includes the top. I usually start my cut near the back panel of the carton. Be sure to cut low as well, I usually cut about half way down.

Remember: You can trim down to the right size, you cannot size it back up. :)

Step 2: Most Important

Step 2: Wash, wash, wash the lid!

Step 3: Size and Cut

Step 3:

Take the mason jar insert lid and trace onto the back side of the carton. Be sure when you cut it out, you follow closely to the line. If your cutout is slightly larger than the mason jar insert, that is OK. If it is smaller, you run the risk of having a leak if you are going to be using a liquid.

Step 4: Pop the Top

Step 4:

Insert your cutout into the ring of the mason jar lid. The fit should be snug. Check for any areas that might not seal. If it is too big, it may bulge or crinkle. Recut a little at a time until snug.

Step 5: Fin

Step 5:

Ready to use. Save some freshly squeezed juice. Toss in some candy, sugar, or anything. Mason jars are great to store just about anything.

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