Introduction: Powder Coat Wand

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Here’s detailed instructions on how I created my powder coat wand.

******* Warning IT DOES HURT. If you get between the ground wire and brush. ********

The purpose of this is to power paint a small object (in this case a coin turned into a ring)

with out the commercial paint gun costing 80 -500$

this project cost less than 20$ with extra parts left over.

The brush was used out of a paintbrush that I sized appropriately and I copied instructions used by Darrel Starling where he striped a wire that had multiple strands embedded into a brush. I added a pager vibrating motor this was an extremely small motor 6 V. which is also the same voltage used for the powder coating transformer, used to shake the brush.

The circuit is fairly simple the four AA batteries supply power to the whole unit I have the vibrating motor wired in parallel with the high-voltage transformer.

The switch it what turns on the motor and transformer. The high-voltage transformer that I acquired for this project was purchased from an overseas location I have not seen this particular transformer available stateside with the output that this one has the parts list is as follows.

1000KV Step Up High Voltage Pulse Inverter Arc Generator Ignition Coil Module

4 cell AA battery pack

1 pager motor that vibrates

1 momentary switch

PVC pipe 1.5"x 10 " long and 2 PVC caps 1.5 "

the ground wire from the battery pack goes to one side of transformer power input ID'ed by the black wire and 1 side of pager motor. the green wire from battery pack goes to one side of switch. other side of switch goes to green wire of the transformer and the other side of pager motor. the low voltage side is complete.

You have 2 wires left on the transformer. which are the high voltage side.

1 wire goes into the brush created with strands of wire embedded in it. "the embedded wires should be about 3/4 " short of the end of the brush. the other side is the ground wire that will be hooked to the ground of the item you wish to paint.

You now can put the battery in according to polarity of the battery pack

******* Warning IT DOES HURT. If you get between the ground wire and brush. ********

when ready you dip the brush in the paint, hold close to the object and press the button. the motor will vibrate and shake the power and fly to your object. (about 1 to 1.5 " away).

if you get any closer you may get a high voltage arc to your object your painting.

Step 1: ​battery Pack With 4 AA Battery

Step 2: ​Transformer.


Step 3: End of Wand With Brush and Pager Motor Visable

Step 4: Ground Wire Hooked Up to Stand With Object to Be Painted.

Step 5: Video