Introduction: Powder Scoop

This scoop will allow you to take a scoop of your drink power preference and insert it directly into the water bottle.

Step 1: Tinker Cad

Go to and create an account to start your design

Step 2: Base

Take a cylinder from the toolbar

Step 3: Base

Get another cylinder and shorten the height to act at the base

Step 4: Base

Take a "hole" cylinder and place it in the middle of the solid cylinder, then highlight them and press the "group" button in the top right

Step 5: Base

Put the base under the other piece and highlight+group

Step 6: Top

Drag a cone and "hole" cylinder onto the plane

Step 7: Top

Take the "hole" cylinder and put it in the middle of the cone then highlight+group

Step 8: Top

Take another cylinder and "hole" cylinder onto the plane. Put the "hole" cylinder in the center of the solid cylinder the highlight+group. Shorten that shape and put it in the previously made cone.

Step 9: Scoop

Put the cone up top of the base scoop

Step 10: Handle

Group the cone and base together. Drag a one solid box and one "hole" cylinder onto the plane. Shorten the solid box into a small rectangle. Shorten the width of the "hole cylinder" so it becomes an oval then move it to the center of the rectangle and highlight+group.

Step 11: Scoop

Take the base plus the handle and highlight+group them. Then you can change the scoop whatever color you choose. You can also change the length and width to your preference.