Powdered Clays




Introduction: Powdered Clays

In this (short) instructable I will be showing you how to make throwing clays (shotgun sport) with chalk powder in the lip that burst on contact when shot.

Things you'll need;
-newspaper (LOTS)
-clay pigeons
-carpenters chalk
-cup and spoon(to distribute chalk)
-Exacto knife
-glue stick

Step 1: Lay Down Newspaper

I used carpenters chalk for chalk lines, it is very hard to get off clothing so I layed down newspaper and kept it away from stainable things

Step 2: Arrange Your Clays

You'll want to put the clays in a place that is easily reachable, I payed mine out in two rows of 8 with some on the end (in the picture, some are already filled)

Step 3: Add Your Powder

Take about a spoonful of your chalk and shake it into the top of your clays

Step 4: Cut Out Your Lids

Trace a square the size of your clay and cut out LOTS OF THEM, as some will rip in the process. I had a box of about 135 clays, I made 200 squares

Step 5: Finish Your Clays

Place a ring of glue (I used a glue stick) and press your newspaper lid on tight, press out any wrinkles on edge. I then took an Exacto knife And cleaned the edges up

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    eric squat
    eric squat

    7 years ago

    Great idea. Thanks for sharing. I will try it. I only have red chalk, but that might be good for dramatic effect!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I would love to see a video of what these look like when shot. I love the idea!