Introduction: Powdered Lights (LED Music Snowboard)

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  2. Tools/Things needed
    • Philips Screw Driver
    • 7/16 inch Wrench
    • Heat Gun or Hair Dryer
    • Isopropyl alcohol
    • Paper Towels

Step 1: Preparation

  1. Visualize
    • Lay out the LED strips around the snowboard. It doesn't have to be exact since this is just to get a rough estimate. Next lay out where the power box and speaker mount are going to go.
    • This step is to help give you an idea of where everything needs to be and to make sure you have room on your snowboard to fit the the kit.
  2. Remove Bindings
    • Remove your bindings and put them out of the way for now.
    • TIP! check the angle of your binding so you don't forget the setting
  3. Prep the Surface
    • If there is a heavy amount of debris on the board then take a wet cloth and some soapy water and wipe down the board.
    • Once the board is fairly clean, dry it with a towel or paper towels.
    • After drying the board you can clean the surface with isopropyl alcohol and a paper towel
      • You will need to use multiple paper towels. When the paper towels stop becoming dirty you have cleaned the surface of the board enough.
      • This step is important to ensure a good adhesion surface.

Step 2: Hardware Mounting

  1. Find the LED center point
    • I have marked the center LED that you will want at the tip and tail of the board.
    • The center point marked "M" is the part you want to be at the center of your tip or tail.
      • Hold the center point at the tip of your board and trace back one side (left or right) until you run out of LED strip. This will be your starting position when applying the adhesive backing to the board. Mark this spot with a sharpie, expo marker, tape or etc.
    • Do this for both LED strips.
  2. Adhering the LED Strip.
    • TIP! Before starting, keep these things in mind:
      • When using a heat gun or hair dryer, use caution as things can get HOT. Take your time and dont hurt yourself.
      • When taking the backing off double sided tape from on the LED strip, use caution that it does not accident fall where you don't want it to. I used extra strong double sided adhesive to hold the LED strip to the snowboard; so if it falls anywhere you don't want it to, it will be hard to remove it.
      • When you apply heat, you will want to apply a bit more heat around the bends of the snowboard.
    • Now the starting points are marked, move the extra LED strip to the side
    • Start by peeling only a little bit of the red film from the double sided tape at a time. This helps reduce error of the strip sticking to places you don't want.
    • Take your time and work in sections
      • Peel back the red film on about 3-5 LEDs at a time and apply heat to the surface of the board and the LED strip to get good adhesion.
      • NOTE: too much heat can damage your snowboard surface and/or the LED strip. Apply heat so the heated areas are slightly more than warm but okay to touch.
      • When going around the tip/tail of the snowboard, you might need to apply a bit more heat to make the strip more malleable. If the silicone layer ends up separating from the LED strip, that is not desired, but we can deal with it at the end, no worries! :)
    • Once you get the LED strip on, it would be a good idea to plug it in to one connector to verify it still works.
    • Now apply the second LED strip.
    • After the second strip is on, test them both out.
      • Hard part is over now! WooHoo!

Step 3: Mounting Control Box and Speaker Holder

  1. Arrange the control box like in the picture.
    • First you will want to take the wire holder tabs and place them as seen in the picture. It is important to get good adhesion with the holder so clean the surface with the isopropyl alcohol again.
    • Secure the wires with the holder
    • Now that the wires are secure we can glue the control box down to the board.
      • Grab 1 tube of E6000.
      • NOTE!
        • When you go to secure the control box it would be a good idea to grab something heavy or a clamp to hold the box in place after the box is placed.
      • Apply the glue as seen in the picture.
      • Once you put the control box in place, make sure to not disturb the box as it will need 24hrs to fully cure.
  2. After the control box is in place we can adhere the speaker holder next
    • NOTE!: Make sure to put in the bolt and 1 washer as shown
      • It is okay if you have to tighten the bolt into the holder. I designed it to be a tight fit to prevent a loose fit when the speaker is mounted.(it helps with tightening later if the bolt is fully seated on the washer)
    • Now that the holder has the bolt and washer in as shown we can glue down the holder
      • Clean the surface with some isopropyl alcohol to ensure a good adhesive surface
      • Either use what is left from the first E6000 tube and/or open the second tube
      • Apply the glue as shown in the picture
      • After placing the holder down in the desired spot push down hard to secure the holder
      • Now you can put a weighted object on the holder or just use the speaker

  3. Just about done!
    • Time to let the glue dry and cure (24hrs) before moving onto the final steps.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

  1. Waterproofing the electronics.
    • Control Box
      • Now it is time to connect the wires as shown in the picture
        • Make sure the connectors are within the control box completely
      • Use the supplied silicone as shown in the picture
        • The area should be fully sealed in silicone to prevent any water and snow from coming in.
        • TIP!: move the wires around when applying the silicone to help seal up the hole.
      • Now that the silicone is in and fully sealing the hole, it will need to cure for 24 hours before use. It is safe to touch at 8 hours but the fully 24 hours is needed to keep the silicone in place.
  2. Waterproofing the LED strip
    • Remember in "Hardware Mounting" step 2 where i said not to worry if the LED strip's silicone becomes detached? well this is where we fix it! If this didn't happen to you, you can go to the next step.
    • Simply insert the nozzle of the silicone tube up against the LED strip opening and squeeze as much silicone in there as you can to fill the gap.
    • When done, just simply wipe off the excess and let the silicone cure for 24hrs.
  3. Attaching the speaker.
    • With the bolt sticking up on the holder place the remaining washer over it.
    • Place the speaker on top of the bolt and simply tighten the bolt down (7/16" Wrench)
      • Tighten the bolt until it feels very snug and the speaker doesn't move.
  4. WOOHOO!!!!!
    • ALL DONE! Now you'll have the coolest snowboard going down the slopes.
    • Enjoy!