Power Bank Simulation (electrical Circuit and 3d Print)

Introduction: Power Bank Simulation (electrical Circuit and 3d Print)

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In Mauritania, we suffer from constant interruptions in the electricity network due to some problems at the level of some departments.

For this reason, I chose to design a solar energy tank, although I do not have a solar energy simulator.for this i tried to do what I could by just simulating the battery power and the 3D design.

The design will be a simulation, and I'll put the links to the design and 3D design files.

Step 1: Battries

we used four battries to increase the power.

Step 2: Voltage Regulator

Phones only need a 5v to charge, for this we have to use a 5v regulator.

Step 3: Voltage Test

To test Voltage we have to use a mini LCD screen.

Step 4: Circuit Sumilation

In this part we test a full sumilation of our electrical circuit.

Step 5:

To complete Our model we have to create the box , so in this picture you'll the necessary parts from our box.

There is a place for the solar panel in the top of our box.

Step 6: Box Simulation

This video illustrate our box simulation.

Step 7:

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