Introduction: Power Bank Under $10 ! | DIY | 3D Printed

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Today’s smartphone industry is producing way too powerful phone then we expected in 90’s, but there is only one thing which they lack i.e. battery, they are worst. And the only solution we have now is a power bank. In this video, I will show you how you can make one by yourself in just under $10.

So let’s get started.

Step 1: Watch the Video !

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Step 2: Everything We Need

Here is everything, which we are going to need:-

a. Soldering iron

b. Strippers

c. Powerbank module, I got mine from aliexpress for around $1.50

d. 18650 cells you can savage these from old laptop battery of buy some

Step 3: Soldering !

Once we have gathered all the materials
first check the voltage of each cell if all are same then, start soldering 18650 cells in parallel

After soldering, fix cells together with the help of hot glue gun

After which solder the battery to the module and you should be able to use it

Step 4: Need Case !

We need some kind of case, for that I used my tevo tarantula to 3D print one

Which I designed in fusion 360 You can find all my files below or else you can always use your own creativity to make one

Step 5: Put Everything Together !

Then I added new push button because old one was not convenient for the design of case soldered it into the place.

Then just place everything inside the case seal it up with hot glue and we are done !

Step 6: Thank You

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