Introduction: Powerhouse (Revised)

This is a simple and powerful gun for it's size, depending on what rubber band you use.
Alright, so the pictures are blurry, i can't help that?

Step 1: What You Need

You will only need 10 pieces and a nice rubber band
Rubber bands that work well with this gun are usually not tiny, but not large either. Kind of small, but not quite big. Get what I'm saying?

Step 2: The Barrel

Just put the picture together like so. That was easy!!

Step 3: The Handle

This even easier than the last step only 3 pieces.
And again, blurry, i'm sorry

Step 4: Putting It Together

Just put the last 2 steps together. Not that hard

Step 5: Rubber Band

This easy just put the rubberband on like so.
These pictures look a little better this time around hmm?
Still not fantastic..
I'll take better pictures sometime.

Step 6: The Final Beginning

These are just what it shoots. But you can use any piece you want though.
Just load it through the barrel.
push it through the rubber band
Pull back.