Introduction: Power Peeler

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Are you tired of peeling hundreds of potatoes during the holiday season?

Are you hands aching from peeling too many apples?

Then it's time you tried the POWER PEELER!

More POWER. More PEELING. The Power Peeler lets you peel lots of produce in a short amount of time. It's also a spectacle that's sure to draw a crowd!

Step 1: Tools + Ingredients


1. Hand Drill

2. Spade Drill Bit -> this worked MUCH better than a regular drill bit. I experimented with the apple and it kept falling off of the bit after a few rotations.

3. Vegetable Peeler (one with a horizontal blade)

Ingredients: I found the most success with potatoes and apples. Feel free to try different types of fruits and vegetables.**

Potato: Cut the potato in half before peeling so it keeps stead on the bit.

Apple: Leave the apple whole. Try to find symmetrical apples.

**I experimented with chucking a carrot directly in the drill but it fell out pretty quickly. The cucumber was fairly bumpy and hard to peel (see last step for my attempt). I am planning to do the butternut squash on the lathe soon!!

Step 2: Attach Vegetable/Fruit to Drill

Put the item that you want to peel on a cutting board. Stab the spade bit into the end of the apple (or other fruit/vegetable). Chuck the bit in the drill as you normally would.

Step 3: Peeling Technique

I experimented peeling the apple and potato several ways. These are the best techniques I found:

  1. Keep the base of the drill firmly planted against the table with your hand
  2. Keep the drill bit parallel to the table
  3. Tilt the head of the vegetable peeler tilted slightly against the item you're peeling
  4. Draw the peeler from the end of the item towards the drill

DO NOT (see last image):

  1. Rest the item you are peeling against the table
  2. Tilt the drill

Step 4: Peeling Videos

Check out some experiments we did with different produce.

Peeling an apple....

Peeling a potato...

Peeling a cucumber...

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