Introduction: Power Skateboard

I made the skateboard mainly according to the basic model of the actual skateboard, but all the parts in the skateboard are created according to my own idea, the skateboard adopts red, yellow and black three main colors, fresh tomorrow. I like the name of red power, and I admire it, and I believe many people will like my skateboard.

Step 1:

First select two rectangles and two semi-circles to connect, one semi-circle is increased by 17°, and two rings are selected to be adjusted to wheels. Select the cylinder and the multi-point cylinder.

Step 2:

As shown in the figure, the components in 1 are combined as shown.

Step 3:

Figure 3 selects a yuan capsule

Step 4:

Figure 4 shows the combination of a cylinder and a hexagonal prism.

Step 5:

The shapes of Fig. 2, Fig. 3, and Fig. 4 are connected as shown in Fig. 5. At this time, the capsule will be adjusted to the back.

Step 6:

Figure 6 as a cuboid.

Step 7:

Place a symmetrical small cylinder at the four corners of the cuboid.

Step 8:

Four hollow cylinders are tangent to two adjacent yellow cylinders.

Step 9:

The hollow cylinder of Figure 8 was cut away.

Step 10:

Connect the two objects in Figure 9 as shown.

Step 11:

Adjust Figure 10 by 90° to copy the wheel.

Step 12:

The wheel and plate in Figure 11 are assembled and some parts are adjusted.

Step 13:

Select the text to be embedded on the board to modify the skateboard. You can choose the pattern you like.

As shown in Figure 14, your favorite skateboard has been completed.

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