Introduction: Power Wheel to Faster Pushy Car.

If you are a green thinker who hates to throw anything away, then this is a great afternoon project for those of us who have kids, a broken power wheel, and broken lawnmowers. This is still a work in progress to the finished "rally Jeep" my daughter wants, but she was absolutely thrilled just the same.

Step 1: Disasembly of Those Gas Wasting Old Machines You Have Laying Around.

I had my niece, and my oldest daughter do some junk dis assembly while I worked on some other passive solar greenhouse projects that i will submit at a later time as instructables.

Step 2: Disasemble the Electric Driveshaft From the Old Power Wheel.

I didn't take any pictures of this unfortunately, but here's the skinny:

Get your favorite electric screwdriver(phillips head) and go to town taking out the six or so screws holding the driveshaft to the frame. Once off, go ahead and cut out the wheel wells as you will need the extra clearance for the wheels not to rub.

Step 3: Install the Old Axle From the Junked Lawnmower.

As it states above, this is very easy, just get your rubber hammer out, and tap this right into place, getting it centered for good clearance inside the wheel wells, and for proper alignment of the back wheels. After getting the axle in place, add the rest of the hardware, bearings, and add the wheels.

Step 4: Go Out and Test Your Now Faster Soapbox Derby Style "Power Wheel."

Now is the time to test and tune so to speak. I was relatively lucky that my alignment was right on, and that the clearance was good. It was so much fun that my 12 year old niece had to take a few tries:) LAter this week we will be debadging, painting, and installing the braking system. BTW, I wouldn't suggest changing out the front tires to bike like tires due to the increase in "rollover" common to the real thing. So far, handling is great.
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