Introduction: Power Pack

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I came up whit this idea because I want to make my house off grid as much as possible, I bought UPS 300 W for about 15 € and It will be used for all of the lightning in and around the house I will use 7 W energy saving bulbs for inside and some 30 W or 60 W bulbs for outside. I made this kit for under 20 € and I will upgrade it whit 15 € solar panels to charge UPS battery.If I need power in some other part of property or when I'm camping I can just pack it in backpack and I put a tool kit in case something need's to be fixed.

The complete set up will cost me 50 € or less, but I will save me lot of money and It will provide me to harvest sun energy and turn it to electricity.

For now It will be used just for camping but when my solar panels come it will be my off the grid power sistem and I will upgrade It so I will be self-sustaining.

I used UPS because It's cheaper to buy UPS (that has a battery ) then a power inverter that is three times more expensive and It doesen't have a batterie.