Introduction: Powerbank From Old Phone Batteries

Wanna help your smartphone to live long ???
Hang on....
You can build it for free recycling your phone's lithium ion batteries. You would need an old powerbank sitting around you for the voltage booster in it.


1.Old phone batteries. I had 5 of them.
You need to remove the protection kit to unlock the full potential of your batteries.
2.A li-ion battery charging and protection circuit. This would combine your batteries to a bigger battery. You will get it for around $1 on Amazon.
3. A 3.7 volts to 5 volt converter. I got it from an old powerbank.
Let's get started..........

Step 1: Connecting the Batteries....

Connect all the batteries parallely using solder and wires. Use a multimeter to find out the + and - terminals of the batteries.
Caution: Do not short circuit the batteries.

Step 2: Protecting the Batteries.....

Connect the wires from the batteries to the B+ and B- of the charging module. Connect the B+ and B- of the voltage booster to the Out+ and Out- to the charging module. You are done!!

Step 3: Charging It .....

Choose a suitable enclosure for your DIY powerbank. Use a phone adapter and micro-usb cable to charge it. You can add as many batteries as you like. A red indicator would light up while charging. A separate blue indicator would light up after it's fully charged.
Thank you....
Let me know if you liked it.

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