Powerbot Clock Program

Introduction: Powerbot Clock Program

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The powerbot SR20J902FU is (range entrance) a robot vacuum cleaner brand by Samsung. All powerbots have more or less the same mechanical characteristics. What it distinguishes them mainly are their different accessories and features.
The major powerbot fault SR20J902FU is the lack of time programming. Indeed these more expensive counterparts have among other things the function of time programming. However just to go up in range and have this functionality it is necessary to invest another 200 € extra to have the higher version. I will therefore propose my solution in order to save 180 € (20 € around components) to all owners of powerbot SR20J902FU. The powerbot SR20J902FU is equipped with a remote control with some features such as return to base or manual guidance. What interests us is the function of "auto cleaning" of the room. This function is the basic function to run the powerbot in its cleaning tasks.

Step 1: Remote Control Decoding

First, it is necessary to decode the signal "auto cleaning" produced by the remote control, so we need:

- 1 x arduino uno

- 1 x IR Receiver Led Module

Doawnload and setup this arduino library : https://github.com/z3t0/Arduino-IRremoteet

Load example : IRrecvDumpV2

The signal of the remote control (copy it in notepad) is on window of com.

The code that is recovered must see like that or almost similar :

4700,4100, 800,1400, 800,300, 750,350, 750,350, 750,350, 700,400, 700,400, 700,1450, 700,1500, 700,400, 650,450, 650,450, 650,450, 650,450, 600,500, 600,1600, 600,500, 600,1600, 550,550, 550,550, 550,550, 550,550, 500,600, 500,600, 500,1650, 550,550, 550,1650, 550,1650, 550,1650, 550,1650, 500,1650, 550,1650, 550

Step 2: Build Arduino Box Clock Program

Now that we have recovered the code of the remote control of the function "cleaning auto", we can create our arduino box for transmission of programmed signal at hour we want. So we need:

- 1 x arduino nano

- 1 x led IR transmitter

- 1 x Module DS1302

- 1 x power supplies 5v

- 1 x Box

All of these Components are available on ebay. Check my layout to build it.

Step 3: Arduino Sketch

After built arduino box we can load my sketch clock program.

It use 2 library one for the led Ir

Librairy: https://github.com/z3t0/Arduino-IRremoteet

the other for programming the time

Librairy: www.14core.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/MyRealT...

You must then replace the following code with the one retrieved for the IR receiver of the remote control that you copied into a notepad. The time slots can be changed. This is a pretty simple sketch you can of course adapt as you like.

Step 4: Test and Conclusion

You can watch my small video showing the correct operation of it.

Conclusion: In my opinion this is a typical application that really shows what the development of the arduino really can serve more than a gadget to flash a led. Here is a good way to simplify your life and save money.

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