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Introduction: Powered Paper Plane

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In this instructable, we are going to show you how to make a powered paper plane. To make this you will require an old mobile phone vibra-motor (pic 1), a strip of plastic we used an empty paracetamol blister pack, a cell battery, a small length of wire and a sheet of paper/cardboard to make the paper plane.



stiff paper

a strip of plastic

a cell battery

some wire.

Step 1: Make a Paper Plane and Propellor

First, make your favourite type of paper plane with a stiff piece of paper .When you have completed that, cut off the nose of the plane to remove the sharp point and cover with tape to help keep the structure of the plane.

Take a softish pliable piece of plastic(we used a empty paracetamol pack and cut the end (pic1) we then cut to about 4cm (40mm) in length and marked the center (pic 3). Use a pin to pierce a hole in the center plastic to poke the spindle if the motor through, poke the spindle through and use a bit of blue-tack to stick the end of the plastic, next fold the 2 ends of the plastic to make it a propeller blade shape(pic 5)

Step 2: Solder Your Wire to To the Motor

All we do in this step is pull the weight of the end of the motor with a pair of pliers then we either solder or attach the wires to the contacts with tape.

Step 3: Add the Battery

using sticky tape or packaging tape stick the negative wire to the battery cell and leave the other one loose.

Step 4: Sticky Tape the Motor and Cell

in this step we use sticky tape to fasten the motor to the back of out paper plane with the wire threaded through the plane to keep it in place. and that's it, your done for the building part.

Step 5:

when your are ready to fly the plane, tuck the cell battery and the loose wire inside of the plane using the plane to keep the loose wire against the side of the cell (pic 1 & 2) spinning the motor, when the motor is spinning throw the plane like a regular paper plane and see how far it flies. The reason for using the plane to hold the wire in place is when the plane impacts the ground the cell is dislodged, disconnecting the wire and turning off the motor, so as not to burn it out.

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