Introduction: Powered Table for Recliner

I wanted a table on my recliner so I decided to add one to it. After I got it on I decided that i was just too inconvenient to always have to lift it up to sit down so I took it one step further with parts I have from doing demolition work and made it powered with an automatic door opener.This is my 1st Instructable so if you like it please vote for me, thanks!

I used :

A Recliner

Wood for the Arm and Table

Standard door hinges

Various Screws

1/4 20 Tap for adjustment screw

Drill/driver bits and Drill/Driver Set

Table saw and circular saw


Recovered power door operator from Demolition work

Power Cord

12v 933mhz Wireless Transmitter/receiver

Darth Gum Ball Dispenser

Step 1: Get Stuff Together

I had a power door operator from taking down an apartment block and with a little research I learned how to work the power door operator. They basically consist of a motor, a control and a power supply. (With this one its a Record, some European brand i think) I pre drilled all holes into wood so keep that in mind.

Step 2: Attach Hinge to Chair Arm

I pre-drilled some holes in the chair for the hinge. I decided to add a paper shim to level out the chair arm.

Step 3: Hinge to Arm

Pre-drill the table arm (under side) to accept the hinge as shown.

Step 4: Arm to Hinge

Pre-drill table arm as shown

Step 5: Table Top to Arm Hinge

I figured out where I wanted the table top and marked it off on the underside of the table top.

Step 6: And This Is the Project Thus Far

At this point my table top looked like this which was in itself a project but it needed that extra touch we seem to love around here.

Step 7: Add Backplate for Motor and Such

I wanted to go motorized so fished out a motor and transformer from a power door I saved. I used a few deck screws to fix it to the side of the chair.

Step 8: The Motor

I aligned the motor so the arm extending off it would be in line with the top of the table top

Step 9: The Transformer

Made sure to leave enough room for the transformer and the receiver on the back plate.

Step 10: The Receiver

Mounted the receiver above the transformer

Step 11: Wiring Receiver

This Receiver needs power and to be able to send a 12v signal from the relay to the control for the opener. So 12/24 v non polarized for the bottom contacts and a normally open setup for the relay to the operator which will supply both in this case(not all power door openers will do this) The yellow wire in the second picture is the antenna for the receiver.

Step 12: Add Arm

For each operator it will be different as to the pivot point of it but with a table top so small it will be a lot easier to figure out. I went in about 6" for this table top.

Step 13: Snap Arm Into Place

The connecting knuckle just snaps into place for this unit.

Step 14: Setup

With this record unit I found out that you need to hold a blue button on the control board to make it do a "learn cycle" this will let the control unit know how many revolutions the motor needs to tun to make the "door open"

Step 15: Add Transmitter to Darths Head

In the bottom of the picture you can see a piece of plastic that is sticking up. It moves every time you push the button to release a gum ball and that is what i ended up making a bracket for to push a button every time it moves in. This is what activates the remote transmitter located in darths head to make the table go up to site down.

Step 16: Pre Drill Darths Head

I had one too many holes I know. I got the piece I made to line up with the holes and the button was right against the piece of plastic in the last step

Step 17: Put the Rest of Trasmitter In

I now put in the rest of the transmitter into the head and replaced the cover

Step 18: Push Button on Front of Darth and Enjoy!

I have had loads of fun showing this off, thanks for checking it out!!

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