Introduction: Powered Hitch-lift for Three-wheel Handcycle

About: I've been an experimental high-energy physicist for 20 years (since I started graduate school in 1988). I got my BS in physics from UCLA, my Ph.D. at Caltech, and did a post-doc at UBC before moving to SLAC. …

Over the past decade or so, I've "designed" several projects, but have only built a couple. Consequently, I can't legitimately publish Instructables for my ideas, since I don't actually know whether they can be built. However, I can publish slideshows of the cool drawings I've made :-)

This is a design for a three-wheel handcycle, which is intended to be used without assistance by the rider, with a powered lift and lever-controlled actuator.

Technical Notes

All of these drawings were done using the Unix |xfig| utility.

My guess as to a "complete" parts list suggests that the project would cost well over $600, comparable to the price of a commercial "scooter lift" for a car.