Introduction: Powerful Car Using 9v Battery

Hi friends, here am made a Powerful car using 9v battery.

Materials : Big wheels - 2 ( radius- 1 inch)

: small wheels - 2 (we can use it as bottle"s cap)

: Gear DC motor

: 9V battery

: Ice cream stick

: strove

: Battery connector

: small 2 way switch

: Round Stick

: Gum

Step 1: Make Wheel Stick

Cut one strove for 2 inches. also take 2.5 inch round stick. put the stick on to the strove.

Step 2: Make Wheel

Stick the bottle's cap on the end of the round stick.

Step 3: Place Motor and Battery

Take one 9v battery and one gear DC motor. take one ice cream stick. stick battery on one end of the ice cream stick and stick motor on the another end of the ice cream stick.

Step 4: Connecting

Using the battery connector connect the switch, motor and battery.stick the switch on the other end of the ice cream stick.

Step 5: Fix Big Wheels

Connect the big Wheels with the motor.

Step 6: Run It!

Here our Powerful car is ready. you can switch on it. see how it is gone!