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Introduction: Powerful & Quiet USB Fan

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You ever wanted to have a nice fan on your desk but you don't have money to spend in this and you have nothing to do in a boring raining day. I have something for you. Find a old PSU who dosen't work anymore, take the fan inside and follow my instructions. That cost me nothing, just a little bit of my time

Step 1: Item You Need

First thing you need some tools and parts.

- A fan (I take mind in a old PSU) (Try to get a 5V fan for better air)
- Usb Cable
- Soldering Gun
- Alligator clamps
- Clamps
- Solder Alloy
- Electric Tape (I had more)

Step 2: Skin the Wires

With the clamp cut the USB Mini port. Skin the big wire to find 4 Wires in. locate the red and the black wire and skin it. Cut the green and white wire. Don't forget to skin the fan wire.

Step 3: Twist the Wire

Take both black wires ans twist it, repeat for the red.

Step 4: Slodering

Solder the wires. Black with black, red with red

Step 5: Add Electric Tape

At this step add some electric tape on each wires. DON'T PASTE THE TWO WIRE SETS.

Step 6: Finaly. Test It Out

Plug the USB into a computer to power the fan.

Super Quiet!!!

Thank to visiting me!!!

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    My fan is out of an old PS2, i was wondering does this work, and the fan out of the ps2 the wires are coloured they are just black, thanks


    in case anyones interested, on this particular ps2 cable the power was coming through the blue and white wires...


    12 years ago on Step 1

    Hey, i like your instructable, heres a tip that will let you get rit of step two.

    Instead of a usb cable, find a broken usb mouse, or possibly even an old ps2 mouse.
    The reason for this is that the usb cable for a mouse is already split for you once you open the casing. (usually only one screw)
    I had two broken mice in the bin here and decided to take them apart, see pic.


    Until i test them myself im not sure what wires do what on the ps2 but thats easily done but as you can see, the wires are all ready to use.