Introduction: Powerful & Quiet USB Fan

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You ever wanted to have a nice fan on your desk but you don't have money to spend in this and you have nothing to do in a boring raining day. I have something for you. Find a old PSU who dosen't work anymore, take the fan inside and follow my instructions. That cost me nothing, just a little bit of my time

Step 1: Item You Need

First thing you need some tools and parts.

- A fan (I take mind in a old PSU) (Try to get a 5V fan for better air)
- Usb Cable
- Soldering Gun
- Alligator clamps
- Clamps
- Solder Alloy
- Electric Tape (I had more)

Step 2: Skin the Wires

With the clamp cut the USB Mini port. Skin the big wire to find 4 Wires in. locate the red and the black wire and skin it. Cut the green and white wire. Don't forget to skin the fan wire.

Step 3: Twist the Wire

Take both black wires ans twist it, repeat for the red.

Step 4: Slodering

Solder the wires. Black with black, red with red

Step 5: Add Electric Tape

At this step add some electric tape on each wires. DON'T PASTE THE TWO WIRE SETS.

Step 6: Finaly. Test It Out

Plug the USB into a computer to power the fan.

Super Quiet!!!

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