Introduction: Powerfull USB Light

Turn the LED module from a flashlight into the most powerful USB light imaginable!

Step 1: Parts Needed

1: Led flashlight with lots of LED's

2: Enter key from old keyboard numpad

3: Piece of plastic from back of old keyboard

4: Resistor (Refer to this page to calculate value)

5: Stiff piece of wire (make it as long as you want the LED unit to be away from the USB port; it will enable the LED light to stand up like a lamp)

6: 2 lengths of stranded copper wire a little longer than the stiff piece of wire

7: USB male connector (Refer to this page for pinout)

8: Solder

9: Soldering iron

10: Super glue

11: Electrical tape

12: Hobby knife

13: Wire cutters

14: Pliers

15: Scissors

Step 2: The LED

First, remove whatever springs are on the LED unit.
If you look into the LED's, you can see a big and a small metal plate leading to the legs; the big one is the negative and the small one is the positive.

Now, solder one leg of the resistor to one end of one of the stranded copper wires and solder the other leg of the resistor to the LED unit at either the positive or the negative strip. Solder the other stranded copper wire to the other strip. You can look at the third picture to see how I did mine.

Step 3: The Stand and USB

First, take the enter key and make a small notch in the slanted end for the wires to exit and make a big notch in the straight end for the USB connector. Then, solder the other ends of the stranded copper wires to the GND and +5 of the USB, taking care to get the polarity right. Then, super glue the USB male connector into the big slot in the enter key, but make sure it sticks out far enough for it to plug into a USB port.

Then, take the end of the stiff piece of wire and bend it 90 degrees so that is fits in the other end of the enter key and exits in the small notch. Then, super glue that in place.

Glue/tape the LED module to the other end of the stiff piece of wire, making sure to insulate the wire so that it doesn't short anything on the LED module.

Again, refer to the picture for how I did mine.

Step 4: Finishing Up

Wrap the wires together with electrical tape and cover up the LED module and resistor so that everything has a nice black color. Super glue a piece of plastic onto the open part of the enter key to seal it up and make a nice "enter" connector

Step 5: FINISH


Enjoy your awesome, super-bright USB light!

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