Introduction: Powering Your Raspberry Pi With Batteries

I've been messing around with new things to add to my raspberry Pi, and after my last instructable on how to add a switch, I thought that it would be really easy to just switch out the plug end of the circuit with a few batteries. So now i can power it with just 3 AA Batteries.

Step 1: Materials

You will need...
-Raspberry Pi
-3 AA batteries and some way of connecting them
-Normal micro USB power chord
-Some clips or tape for hosing together the wires
-Wire strippers
-Optional -Switch

Step 2: Preparing the Power Chord

Fist off, you need to get rid of the wall plug end of your power chord. Cut it wherever you like so that you have just the part that plugs into the Pi. Now strip off the end so that you have two wires of different colors. Now, Strip those two wires carefully.

Step 3: Adding the Batteries

Now, take the batteries and connect all three of them properly. It's easy to do if you have battery packs like the ones in the picture. Take the two ends of your three batteries and attach them to either end of your power chord. Secure the connections with some clips or electrical tape. Once you've done that, you should be able to plug that power chord straight into your raspberry Pi and start it up.

Step 4: Optional- Adding a Switch

Now that you have the batteries going, it's really simple to just add a switch to this circuit. Detach one end of your batteries from the power chord. Take the end connected to your batteries and attach it to one side of your switch. Now take your other end from the plug and connect it to the other side of your switch. Now you can turn your raspberry Pi on and off with this switch.