Introduction: Practical Cellphone Strap

Want a cellphone strap that will actually make your phone more useful? This strap is not only indestructible and safe for your phone, it's long enough that it hangs out of your pockets for easy access, and has a magnet on the end powerful enough to support the phone.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:
A Phone
Strong fishing line
A large stretchy hair tie
Various sizes of heat-shrink
Neodymium magnets
A lighter or heat gun
Possibly some dental picks ( or pointy things )

Step 2: Secure the Magnet to the Hair Tie

I used clear heat-shrink. Just slip the magnet in, heat one end, then wrap the whole thing around the hair tie and back into itself, and heat again. Like a snake eating it's tail... around a hair tie... and with fire.

Step 3: Determine How Much Fishing Line Will Fit

using a guide line, pull as may strands of fishing line through your phone corner as you can. It should be loose though. I can fit 8 strands.

Step 4: Braid the Line and Thread Through

I just braided the line with the classic 3-strand braid of uneven strands. Stupidly of me, I did not leave a guide line in the end, so I had to use a dental pick to push one end through. You will be smarter.

After the end is through, add some heat shrink (big enough to go over a knot) and the hair tie.

Step 5: Tie a Figure-8 Bend and Heat-shrink It

Tie your ends of fishing line together with a figure-8 bend, this took me a couple tries with a dental pick. Don't forget the hair tie and heat-shrink!

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Add some larger heat shrink around the loop to neaten things up, and also around the magnetic loop on top.
Careful though, not to melt the delicate strands of fishing line when doing this.

Step 7: Done

This strap should last at least as long as your phone, and I have loved it so far.

It sticks out of your pocket, for easy access to your phone, even with tight jeans.
It's magnetic, so you can clip your phone to things around where you're sitting.
It's stretchy, so if it gets caught on something (like the chair you're sitting in) it won't destroy your phone or itself.

Plus it looks good.

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