Introduction: Make a Pair of Practice Fans From Hangers!

About: Tara McManus is a circus performer, costume designer and event producer.

You will need:

6 coat hangers, preferably plastic and identical if possible (if you are short on hangers, you can use 4)

Tape, preferably electrical tape. Duct and packing tape would also work.

a cutting tool, preferably tin snips, wire cutters, garden shears or strong scissors.

Looking for a larger handle like russian fans? these scarf hangers are the perfect shape!

Step 1: Tape 2 Hangers Together (twice)

place 2 hangers together, these 2 hangers should be identical so the hooks line up to make a perfect oval on top. Make sure the hooks are facing opposite directions so when they combine to a closed oval,this will be your handle. Then tape the 2 hangers together roughly where the shoulder notches are.

Do this twice to make 2 fans!

Step 2: Cut the Hook Off 2 Hangers

Using snippers/clippers/scissors, cut the hook off of 2 of the hangers. Trim down the pieces so the hanger has a clean V shape edge and the hook is a half circle. This will be made into 2 different parts of the fan, the hanger will be the bottom of the fan and the hook will complete the handle.

Step 3: Complete the Circle With the Hook

Use the cut off hooks to complete the circle in your double hangers. the hook should be touching the end of the both hanger hooks, connecting end to end of both hooks and completing the circle.

Tape all 3 pieces together.

Taping tip: first run the tape around the pieces to keep them together, then put another piece of tape on the inside of the handle so it spins smoothly ion your hand, you may want to cut little nothches in the tape so it curves around the edge.

Do this twice to make 2 fans!

Step 4: Sandwich a Third Hanger Between the Two

Take the hanger that you cut the hook off of, place it upside down along the 2 taped hangers bottom edge. sandwich the bottom edges of all 3 hangers together with the upside down one in the center. Tape all 3 hangers together in several places and your done with the fan shape!

Do this twice to make 2 fans!

Step 5: Optional: Decorate With Tape!

This step will add color and design to your practice fans as well as some needed weight and durability. But if you are short on tape or time, this step is not necessary.

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