Introduction: Practice Paracord Nunchaku

Paracord can be used to create some very usable and decorative practice nunchaku.

WARNING :  The possession and/or manufacture of nunchaku is illegal in many states all over the world.
in most cases you can possess them only for training purposes as part of a martial arts club.
Please check the laws regarding nunchaku in your local area BEFORE making these.

These have been made with 2 x 5 metre lengths of 550 paracord and 2 x 16mm diameter, 25cm long timber dowel rods.
You can vary the lengths/thicknesses of the rods to suit your needs.
You could even use some solid foam cylinders instead of the timber, to make them even softer - however, they would still be considered nunchaka by law - even foam ones.

There are only two knots used in the construction of these nunchaku,  a solomon (or cobra) knot and a diamond (or lanyard) knot.
Detailed videos for making these knots are available on you tube, however, I have provided some simple photos of each stage. 

Step 1: Tie a Diamond Knot to Start

Take and end of each of the pieces of paracord and tie together using a diamond knot.
Steps are shown for tying the diamond knot.  if these aren't clear enough, search you tube for "diamond knot" for video instructions.
You will be tying four of these knots in the construction of this piece. 

Layout the knot as shown and then slowly work the knot into a ball shape, continue until the knot is firm.

Step 2: Tie a Solomon Knot Around the Timber.

Position the diamond knot at the top of one of the pieces of timber dowel and start the solomon knot.
This is easier if you lay the timber on the floor and lay out the knot as shown until you get a few turns of the solomon knot onto the timber to hold it in place.

Once you have a few turns in place, the timber will be held firmly.

Continue tying the knot, pulling each turn as firmly as possible, until you reach the end of the dowel.

Step 3: Tie a Diamond Knot at the End.

Tie another Diamond knot at the end of the timber.  You will need to work the knot, by gradually pulling the paracord through the knot to get the the knot firmly lodged against the end of the timber.
Use the same photos as for the first diamond knot.  This one is done in exactly the same way.

Step 4: Tie a Third Diamond Knot

Tie a third diamond knot, leaving about 8cm of cord between the knots.
You should be getting the hang of these knots now ;-)

Step 5: Tie the Solomon Knot to the Timber Rod.

Now tie this third diamond knot to the second piece of timber dowel exactly as we did the first time in step 2.

Continue tying the solomon knot all the way to the end of the timber again.

Step 6: Tie the Final Diamond Knot

Tie the fourth and final diamond knot to finish.
Again, work the knot until it is firmly against the end of the timber.

Then cut the ends of the paracord and singe the ends ti finish.


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