Introduction: Praesentia Workshop: Drawing and Projection Mapping

How is the imagination made visible through drawing? How can code facilitate interactivity and play? What happens when the two meet? Lead by Sougwen Chung and Charlie Whitney of New Inc, Praesentia Workshop is the first in an ongoing series of workshops that explore the relationship between drawing and code with the goal of educating a community of participants in mind.

Debuted in Doha, Qatar, to 14 participants, the Praesentia Workshop began with an overview of strategies in improvisational and algorithmic-driven image making. Over the course of 4 days, participants created a large-scale installation whilst learning strategies and approaches in drawing, code, and projection mapping.


- Procedural Drawing (Group Exercise)
- Improvisational Drawing (Timelapse)

- Code Workshop

- Installation

- Exhibition

Step 1: Procedural Drawing Exercise

• Processing drawing exercise (


• An exercise that shows principles of procedural image making.

Participants ideate a drawing instruction that can be run

several times.

• Ex: "draw the biggest swoop you can without crossing a line",

"draw 3 looping lines that each must touch two sides”

• "Draw a line until you hit a line or another side”

• "Draw a red dot wherever two lines cross"

• Taking cues from processing.A4, participants wrote a

processing program that emulates some of these drawing


Step 2: Timelapse Drawing

Process as Performance

One 15 second process timelapse per participant

Step 3: Code Workshop

Language: Processing

Line-based Processing Sketches

Step 4:

Scan in drawings and trace and composit in a software program like Illustrator. Create different fill areas for masked content.

Step 5: Installation and Projection

Once you are satisfied with your composition, translate it onto a wall projecting image on the wall as guidlines. Draw within the lines to translate to scale.

Drawing as Environment: Translating to Scale
Materials: Wood Panel, Black Acrylic Paint

Step 6: Exhibition

Integrating Improvisational and Procedural Drawing & Code

Illuminated Canvases & experimental form & playing with


Procedural and improvisational drawings exhibited

Drawing and Code installation shown