Prayer Box With Matching Pencil

Introduction: Prayer Box With Matching Pencil

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I am not a big religion person.. but one of my closest friends is. She also has a hard time calming herself down once she starts to get upset .. So when i saw this .. I knew I had to make it for her! This was made with an altoids tin, so its small enough that she carries it with her at all times in her purse.

Step 1: Pick an Image to Cover the Tin With:

I cut this mountain scene off of an old greeting card and glued it to the tin with elmers glue, once it was dry i used some foil sticker letters to spell out "prayer box" . I used an old card to help me line the letters evenly.

Step 2: Add Some Sparkle:

My friend likes everything that glitter.. so I found some black glittery paper to cover the bottom with. pre-size this, you wanto make sure this doesn't extend too far up the sides. once you have the right size - u can cut notches at the corners to make it lay smoother. i glued this down and used a rubber band to hold it in place while it dried.

Step 3: And Some More Sparkle..

i found some matching glitter tape to put around the edges. make sure you size this carefully so the lid doesn't push on it when u close the tin

Step 4: I Cut Paper to Fit Inside the Box

In all different colors, i used a card to trace the size so it would fit inside the box.I used this same paper, cut thin strips, dipped these in white glue and water, and wrapped them around a colored pencil . I kept layering this, letting it dry between layers, and eventually sanded it smooth before cutting the pencil to fit inside the box.

Step 5: I Used a Chalkboard Sticker

to write the saying on. I wrote it in glitter pen:

When your heart starts to worry,

and your mind just can't rest,

put your prayers down on paper,

and let God do the rest.

Step 6: Now Add Some Bling...

i embellished the outside of the box with some stick on crystals, i then coated both the box and the pencil in clear polyurethane, several times.. letting it dry between each coat, to make sure the stickers stayed on , and give the box a smooth surface.

Step 7: Share the Love!

hope you enjoy it eva!

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