Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons Rhino/Razorback/Predator Doors

Introduction: Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons Rhino/Razorback/Predator Doors

Way back at the beginning of 3rd edition when I began playing 40k, the army I chose was Thousand Sons. I liked everything about them, their tortured history, the models, everything. Over the years, no matter which army I was playing at the time, the Thousand Sons were always the closest to my heart. So, when I purged all my 40k down to 3 armies my as of yet unfinished Thousand Sons were one of the ones that got to stay.

With that in mind I decided that the Rhino's my Thousand Sons were riding in needed something to really make them "pop" so I took out my calipers and measured an existing rhino door, then produced a 3D model of said door and then brought the Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons logo out of the door in bas-relief. Off to shapeways it went for printing then back to my workshop for mold making and casting.

Attached are the .stl files for printing and the progress shots from 3D model, to original 3d printed part to installed on my rhino's and predator that was in my army.

The full PLOG (painting log) can be found at the links below as well as a link to my shapeways store. Thanks for looking!

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