Introduction: Pre-ride Inspection Check (T-CLOCS)

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In this instructable video, I will show you how to carry out your T-CLOCS pre-ride inspection the easy way and in under 20 minutes.

So why is it such a chore to do this? It’s because the TCLOCS (often misspelled as TCLOCKS or T-CLOCKS) inspection checklist is ordered and grouped by each letter of that acronym. This means you would have to jump from putting up the bike on and off the stands, and cooling and warming up the engine.

In this video, I will show you how you can perform your T-CLOCS inspection grouped by each state of the motorcycle: on and off the stand, engine off or running, which is a more logical and convenient way to do it.


T-CLOCS Inspection Checklist:

This Checklist:

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