Introduction: Precious, Pooh and Pretties

About: I am a 56 years young Stay-at-home Mom with 5 children, ages 32 thru 15. I have been knitting since a teen and crocheting for 15 years. A chocoholic who loves daisies and butterlies.

Precious Moments Dolls to Crochet
I crocheted the Precious Moments doll for my daughter who is an avid collector of the same figurines. She was delighted! I used "Luster Sheen" acrylic yarn for a more realistic look. The same B crochet hook gave me the right gauge and the directions were very simple and easy to put together. The most difficulty I had was trying to get the right look to the eyes, even though there was a chart to follow.
Pooh Cuddle & Snooze Sets
The Disney blanket I knitted was also for my daughter. Her baby room was decorated in the Winnie the Pooh style, and her love and devotion for these characters followed her into her adult life. I made this afghan with worsted weight yarn and knitting needles 8 & 10. The characters were knitted first, then the border was added and sewn together. Straight forward directions and easy to follow color charts.
Vanna's Favorite Baby Lace
I crocheted this baby blanket for my niece's new baby girl. This is from her book Vanna's favorite crochet gifts , "Baby Lace". I used worsted weight yarn (the soft line) and a G crochet hook. I crocheted little roses w/leaves and added them to the four corners. I also added a row of sc around the border in pink to match the flowers.
Crochet Curtain
Close up of Curtain Granny Square
I crocheted this lapghan using a pattern from a granny square curtain from the Golden Hands collection(1972). I used bulkier yarn (left-overs) and a larger crochet hook and voila! an afghan crocheted from the center out. Fringe was added all around.
I crocheted the blue & white baby blanket for my nephew's first born-a boy! A rare occurrence in this family. I used "baby soft" sport weight and F crochet hook. It invoved four small granny squares, sewn together, then the rest of the granny square was finished to size. Easy, straight forward drections for the beginner to experienced and quite different from most baby blankets and was most greatly appreciated by all!
I made this pink & white baby blanket for my nephew's second born-a girl (what a surprise). I used worsted weight yarn in a "soft" texture and G crochet hook. This was a time-consuming granny square, due to the double rose in center and the ruffled edging. However, it is truly a feminine and adorable blanket-perfect for that little girl!
I wanted to add to the end of this slideshow, pictures of a christening gown that I crocheted for my first born grandaughter. It included a set with bonnet, booties and dress, in the Pineapple design with roses attached to each one. I used 100% mercerized cotton in a size 10 and took me about two months to complete. We were all so proud! (of the gown too!)