Introduction: Predict a Snow Day

In this instructable you will learn how to predict a snow day (hopefully).

Step 1: Requirements

Different areas have different requirements for snow days. For most areas in the north east united states your going to have to have these requirements

-snowfall accumulating of 3 inches or more

-the snowfall should hit early in the morning about 4 o clock thats when schools will call the day

-icy conditions

Step 2: Websites

when trying to get a good feel for the amount of snow I like to look at and at the radar maps. I like to go to different sites and see what the variation is on accumulation. I like to use local news stations websites for checking if school is closed.

Step 3: Predicting

Now you have your data you need to conclude if their are any chance of a snow day. I've created a checklist so you can gauge your chances. Remember this instructable is written for people in north eastern united states.Depending where you live changes the checklist.

Are you getting more than 4 inches of snow?

Is the storm supposed to hit in the early morning so the county won't be able to get the roads cleaned?

Is the chance of precipitation high?

Is their supposed to be strong wind?

Step 4: Closing

If you like this instructable please rate it.If anyone has anything to add pm me and we'll talk.

Criticism is welcome.

Happy snow days