Introduction: Premiere Pro | Lightroom Control Dial (New Version!!)

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I made a dial for creators.

As a premiere pro user, I needed a device which can control the timeline easily.

I tried to make this controller, finally, this is the second version of it.

The dial has a button, I made a code that changes its function every time I press it.

So, I can use this dial for not only premiere pro but Lightroom.

I’m going to share how to make, a short story and some information.

Step 1: Important Information

Step 2: PARTS

This is an Arduino micro pro, An encoder, A knob And some tools

Step 3: Cut the Unused Legs

We need to cut them off. When you cut something using a nipper, please wear eye projection gear.

Step 4: Plug the Encoder Like This Video.

Solder it

Step 5: If You Don't Want to Solder...

If you really extremely don’t want soldering, use pin header in order to fix them physically. It is kind of trick but it works anyway. I highly recommend you to solder it though

Step 6: Install the Arduino IDE

Now, we are going to install the Arduino IDE. The Arduino board doesn’t have any program in it. in order to use that Arduino for your purpose, you need to upload a code on the Arduino. And in order to upload the code, you need to install this IDE.

Step 7: Code

Step 8: Follow These Steps

Step 9: Non 3d Printer Version

If you don't have a 3d printer, you can just use it like this picture.

Step 10: 3d Printer Version

I designed its frame using fusion 360. If you have a 3d printer, download my design files in Thingiverse.

Step 11: Attaching It

Finishing with Blu-Tack

This is blu tack, I love this awesome invention.

Step 12: Application

Some people asked me that is it possible to use it for other application.

Yes, of course. Please leave comment, I will post the code