Introduction: Premiere Tutorial.

So you've come up with a video and/or animation idea, and now you want to make it the coolest video there is right?
Well, I'm here to show you basic things in Premiere that may help you and your video meet your full potential.

Step 1: Opening the Program

Ok, so you have your video, and now you're ready to edit.
Open Adobe Premiere Pro. When you do, a window will appear in the middle of the screen,
click ' new project'.

Step 2: New Project

After you've decided to start a new project,
two more windows will apear.
I generally don't play around with the things in that window, and just click ok,
but feel free to play around with them.

Step 3: Importing Your Video

Ok, so now that you're past all the windows,
Lets get your video in there.
On the top left of premiere, click 'file' then go down to 'Import...'
Click import, then find your file.

Once your file is imported, it will appear in the box on the left hand side.
You can simply just drag and drop it to your timeline.
I'd put your main video in the section labled 'Video 1'
unless you're using a green screen, then put it on the section labled 'video 2'

Step 4: Importing Audio and Sound Effects

So your video is in the time line, ready to be edited.
Does your video need sound effects? Simple enough.
again go to import, and upload your music. It'll be in the same box as your video,
and just like your video, you can drag and drop it into the audio space.
If you'd like to make the timeline bigger(or smaller)
you can click the magnifying glass at the bottom right of the screen,
Or there is a small scale at the bottom of your timeline.

Step 5: Cutting Clips

So, you may want to cut or move around different parts of your video and audio,
Which is actually quite easy.
Using a tool on the bottom right of the screen, called 'the razor tool', which of course looks like a razor,
you can cut your video and audio into differnent peices.
but picking this tool and clicking where you'd like to cut.
Moving the clips around is as easy as dragging and dropping them.

Step 6: Green Screen

So your video is all in place, the audio is there,
now you want some special effects.
But before i get to that,
i'd like to go over having a green screen, and getting the background you'd like for that.
Import your picture, and put it on the timeline below your video.
On the bottom left, theres a box with different sub folders.
Click 'Video Effects' then 'Keying' and finally 'Chroma key.'
Click and drag chroma key onto your orignal video.
Not the picture or video in the background.
when you click on your orignal video, up above the timline, should be a box labeled 'effect controls'
using that, select the eye dropper next to 'color'
and click the green screen in your video.
after that, you may need to play with the blend to get your background into your video.
I suggest not going past '50.0% on blend, or the rest of your video begins to fade away aswell!

Step 7: Special Effects

okay, so you may want to also use different special effects in your video.
In the bottom right of your screen, there will be a box.
One of the titles will be 'effects'
Make sure you're on that.
A list with other folders will appear.
Clicking the folder will give you more options as to what you'd like to do.
Just click and drag the effect onto your video or audio on the timeline.

Step 8: Exporting Your Video

Okay, so to export your video, go to file in the top left corner, down to 'export' and then click media.
A window will come up, giving you a few different options.
Under 'Preset' i suggest putting it to 'YouTube Widescreen HD'
If you plan to put it on YouTube, it's the best option.