Introduction: Prepare Handmade Rings With Natural Wood

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oday we will show how to handmade wooden rings by yourself.

Step 1: Prepare Material

Material : Wood,compasses,hand drill,small file,sand paper,fretsaw.

Step 2: Draw the Size

Fist of all,prepare the wood and compasses,make sure the size of ring,draw a circle with compasses,then expand the radius of 1 mm to 1.5 mm or so and then draw a concentric circles.

Step 3: Use Hand Drill

Along the inside the round hole, then use hand drill after finished wire saw,that’s right do it.

Step 4: Grinding and Polishing

Use small file and sand paper to wood inner ring grinding and polishing, the inner ring polished to 1000 mesh, directly to the recommendations and sanding on the ring diameter of cylinder package.

Step 5: Ring Hole Saw and Wire Saw

Then outer ring hole saw and wire saw.

Step 6: Grinding Polishing Again

The last step just use your love to slowly grinding polishing and the wooden rings will finish !

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