Introduction: Preserve Yourself in Carbonite

This tutorial shows you how to take make a miniature carbonite version of yourself using XYZprinting's Nobel 1.0A SL printer.

Step 1: Create a 3D Scan Using XYZPrinting's 3D Scanner

Purchase an XYZprinting 3D scanner and download XYZscan handy software and install it on your computer.

Here is a link to their website:

Connect the 3D scanner to your computer and scan yourself or get a friend to help.

Using XYZscan Handy software, export the file as an .OBJ or .STL file.

If you already have a 3D scan in an .OBJ or .STL format you can skip this phase.

Step 2: Edit the 3D Scan File Using XYZmaker

XYZmaker is a free CAD modelling software created by XYZprinting. It is an entry-level modelling software that is designed for creating 3D models quickly and easily.

To download this software, go to the link below:

  1. Select the Cube in the Geometric Figures menu and change its following dimensions to: X:53, Y:10, and Z:100. This is where we will insert the 3D scan
  2. With the original cuboid selected, click on the Clone button and resize the new block to: X:47, Y:9, and Z:93
  3. Using the Hole function and the cloned cube, cut away from the original cube
  4. Create a small detailed cube with the following dimensions: X:2.37, Y:6.60, Z:14.00
  5. Clone the cube 4 times and change its Z axis position by about 20mm each time
  6. Select the four side details and click Mirror to move them to the other side
  7. Import your 3D scan and move it into position
  8. Use the Hole function and cubes that overlap with the model to trim away parts of the scan that you don't want to use
  9. If you want to attach the model to a key ring, create a Tube and move it so that it intersects with a corner of the model. Use the Hole function to cut away from the model.
  10. Export the model as an .STL file and you're ready to print!

Step 3: Print Your Model!

Depending on what printer you have at home, this step may be a bit different.

I wanted to show the full detail captured in the 3D scan so I decided to use the XYZprinting Nobel SL printer. This printer uses a laser to hard resin layer by layer and so is a lot more accurate than the FDM printers. If you want a cheaper option, I'd suggest using the XYZprinting da Vinci Mini.

More information on there printers can be found here:

In order to print using the Nobel you need to first slicer your .STL file using XYZware Nobel and connect your computer to the printer.

This software is free to download from the XYZprinting website here:

Step 4: Harden Your Print Using a UV Curing Chamber

Stereolithography printers (SLA) print using resin, this means that after printing sometimes the models need time to cure. XYZprinting has created a UV curing chamber to speed up this process.

1. Place the model in the UV curing chamber

2. Set the time to 10 minutes and press start

After curing the the model is done!