Introduction: Pressed Salad

This delicious salad preparation is a perfect example of osmosis. Hurrah science!

It is based off of a macrobiotic recipe, and can be enjoyed by all.

This is salad has a super easy prep and tastes great.

NOTE: I had just finished making this salad - according to the directions I describe - and was eating it when I thought "Hey, everyone should know about this." I made another one after that one was gone, but had run out of celery. There is no celery included in the pictures, and the salad tasted significantly different, lacking, because of it.

Step 1: Ingredients and Supplies

Gather the following:
  • a stalk or two of celery
  • a bushel of radishes
  • 1 cucumber
  • about 1/2 tsp salt
  • two bowls that nestle with each other well
  • knife and cutting board
  • heavy stuff; this could just be things in your fridge
  • sieve

Step 2: Prep

  • Wash, peel (if applicable) and dice all the veggies.
  • Toss the veggies together in the larger bowl, then add and mix the salt in. You can adjust the amount of salt you use to taste, but I recommend using only 1/2 tsp for the first time making this.
  • Once everything is mixed together, nestle the smaller bowl into the larger, smushing it in a bit.
  • Put your heavy things in the top bowl and put everything in the fridge and leave it be overnight.
  • After letting it sit, rinse the veggies well and serve!

Note: The original recipe calls for more salt and a wait time of only 2 hours, this is just how I make it.