Introduction: Pressure Switch for Makey Makey

How to build a simple pressure sensitive switch. Use this technique with any project!

Step 1:

Cut two pieces of aluminum foil tape a two pieces of cardboard to the same size.

Step 2:

Attached the aluminum foil tape to the pieces of cardboard.

Step 3:

Cut two thin strips of foam.

Step 4:

Put the two strips of foam on one of pieces of cardboard.

You can use glue for this if you'd like, but it's not necessary since we'll be using a rubber band later on.

Step 5:

Put a rubber band around your button.

Step 6:

Attach an alligator clip from EARTH to one of the cardboard pads, and SPACE or CLICK to the other.

Step 7:

How when you push down on the switch the Makey Makey will send a signal to the computer.

Step 8:

Here's a primer on simple switches from our the Tinker Studio.

Step 9: Extensions (Optional)

Now from here there's lots you can do.

You can measure how much weight your pressure pad can withstand before sending a signal like a kind of scale. You can increase the amount of foam or size of your switch to make a heavier scale!

Or you can make a series of these for a musical hallway, or a DDR pad, or a relay race track.

Whatever you do, post your pictures in the gallery by clicking "Upload Your Work" right here below.