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Introduction: Pressurized Hydration Pack

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This is an instructable for a presurized hydration pack. There is a co2 bike pump which pressurizes the hydration pack storing the liquid and the pressure inside the pack forces the liquid out of the hose giving it a spraying effect.

The parts for the project are listed below and it is important to be careful when using the bike pump as it is discharging carbon dioxide.

I use the pack to clean things off when there is no hose available or when I'm just in the woods.


1.Swiss gear hydration pack

2.In line pressure regulator

3.  Co2 bike pump and Co2 canister refills

4.Thin piece of wood

5.Air Blow gun attatcments

6.Drink nozzle/spigot

7.3/8” compression fitting

8.3/8” quick connect tubing fitting with female threads

9.3/8” polyethylene tubing

10.3/8” clear tubing

11. 3/8” check valve

12.¼” hose barbs (2)

13.Small Hose clamps (3-4)

14.Waterproof/ airtight sealant


Drill and drill bits

Electrical tape

  Thread seal tape


Adjustable wrench

  Flat Screwdriver

Step 1: Drill Hole and Mount Compression Fitting

Screw the quick connect tubing fitting onto one end of the right angle compresion fitting; tighten fully.

Take your drill and drill a hole that is slightly smaller than the threads on the compression fitting.
Wrap the compression threads with sealant tape and screw it into the cap for the hydration pack. It should be very tight and have resistance when turning the fitting but make sure not to over tigthen the fitting though or it will strip the cap.

When it seems tight enough take your water/air proof sealant and seal all around the fitting both in and outside the cap make sure that everything is covered as even the slightest leak will compromise the project.

Step 2: Connect Tubing to Check Valve

Using a knife or heavy duty scissors cut a 2 inch piece of 3/8" polyetheline tubing and slide it over the right side of the check valve barb. there should be a little over hang of the tubing on the barb. This over hang will connect into the quick connect fitting.

Take the clear 3/8" tubing and cut it to about 1.5 feet and slide one end over the left side of the check valve.

The check valve is holding the air in the chamber and it also is keeping the liquid from seeping down into the pump.

Step 3: Adding the Pressure Regulator

The pressure regulator controls how much psi occupies the hydration pack, with out the regulator we run the risk of bursting the pack.

Screw the 1/4" hose barbs into both sides of the presure regulator and then slide the second end of the clear tubing from step 2 to the right side of the pressure regulator.

Add a hose clamp to make the connection airtight.

Step 4: Connect Pump to System

Take the co2 bike pump and screw the air gun nozzle into the bike pump, then take the nozzle and and attach a 2-3 foot clear tube to it, the tube should just slide over the nozzle.

Take the other end of the tubing conected to the pump and connect it to the left side of the pressure regulator, use a hose clamp to secure the connection.

Step 5: Attach Nozzle/spigot to Drinking Tube

Take the spigot that you bought and attach it to the drinking tube. The spigot that I bought was a size to small so I wrapped the barb in electrical tape; slide the barb into the drinking tube and tighten with a hose clamp.

Add tape around the connection so it does not cut you.

Step 6: Finish

Cut a piece of wood to slide into the backpack so that the backpack doesnt form a bump agaisnt your back. The wood will keep the backpack flat against your back when the pack is presurized.

Put the hydration pack in the backpack and feed the drinking and pump tubes through the designated slots on the back pack.
I added a cable tie to the pump tube to keep it secure.

Fill the hydration pack with anything you want and screw the cap on tight, connect the tubing together and zip up the back pack.

Squeeze the trigger on the pump and it should fill up the pack, pressurizing it. This pressure will force the liquid out the drinking tube when the spigot is opened.

Remember to regulate the pressure with the pressure regulator so the hydration chmamber does not burst.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Nice idea, although it looks a bit over complex for what you are trying to do.

    I would use a little ball pump myself.

    Also, the co2 in those cartridges is not food-safe!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Listen to ilpug. That CO2 is not safe you may get unwanted contaminants in your water.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    switch to whipit cartridges, made for those whipped cream making gidgets.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah, you should do that, but they don't fit well into the c02 filler. maybe you could make a spacer so it would fit?


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Couldn't you just blow air into the drinking tube for the same result?


    9 years ago

    Don't fall back first on the road on your speed bike going 60mph...?


    9 years ago on Step 6

    Private videos? or just me?