Introduction: Pretty Christmas Wreath

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Hey everyone! I have a Christmas DIY for you all to enjoy. This wreath has an interesting back story. In January of this year, I dreamed I was shopping at some type of store (I think it was a place like Pier 1 or something), when I saw the wreath in the picture hanging on a wooden closet door. When I woke up, I said to myself that I absolutely must make this wreath, and so I held onto the idea all year. Then I thought, "I want to share this with Instructables!" So I put this lovely DIY together. Let's get started. :)

Step 1: Yuletide 101

For this DIY, you'll need the following materials:

-A wreath

-Battery operated lights

-Ping pong balls


-A pencil



-Wreath hook


-Craft knife

-Pipe cleaners

A couple of notes before we proceed: I wound up not using the craft knife pictured because I came up with another way to make the openings for the lights. I also wound up not using the wire from the pipe cleaners either.

Step 2: You Wind Me Up!

I have a serious problem with puns lately! Hehe.

Grab your ribbon and wind it around the wreath. When you're satisfied with how it looks, cut the end and glue it in place. I like to put something heavy down while the glue dries. Also, the spool of ribbon I used was 15 feet and that was almost not enough. If you can find ribbon you like that is longer, you can use that. Try to have the seam in the center so you can cover it up with the bow. To make the bow, I cut lengths of my ribbon and folded them in half, then I stapled them in the center. After that, I took the final length and wrapped it around the bow to hide the staples, then glued it down. Sorry for the bad MS Paint illustration, I forgot to take pictures when I was making my bow. :P

Step 3: Pencil Me In!

Now grab a fabric marker, a pencil, and a ping pong ball. Trace around your marker's lid and then draw a tiny shape on top that looks like this: |_| This is to accommodate the little plastic flaps on the lights. Carefully poke a hole in the center of the shape with your pin and cut it out with scissors. If your lights don't have that, you can skip the |_| shape. If you have a Dremel or an attachment for your drill, you can use that in place of drawing the circle and cutting it out. I don't have a Dremel so I had to improvise. After you've cut out all the little circles, pop the balls onto your lights.

Step 4: You Light Up My Life

Pop the batteries into the lights' battery pack and carefully wind them around the wreath. I hid the battery pack on the back of the wreath. If your lights don't stay in place, you can use pieces of the wire from your pipe cleaners to hold them in place. My lights didn't need that. Turn the wreath on and enjoy! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. :)

If you recreate this DIY, I'd love to see it! Hit me up on Twitter @The_CraftyChica. Thank you for checking this DIY out. :)