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This instruct-able will show you how I prepare flower sushi roll and teddy bear sushi roll, plus tamagoyaki (omelet). I am by no mean a Japanese, so they are not neat as a Japanese person would make :)

Step 1: Flower Sushi Roll

You can color and flavor your sushi rice with anything you like, from soy sauce, sesame oil, rice seasoning, food colors, etc.

For the flower sushi roll, I use:

1 steamed slim carrot - if your carrot is big, you can slice it into 4 long carrots and use one for each flower you make.

1 full nori sheet

1 full nori sheet, cut into 5 same size sheets as shown on picture

red food color

sushi rice (short grain rice mix with water and vinegar)

Take some sushi rice and color it with a drop or two of red food color - the rice will become pinkish.

Onto each same sizes of nori sheets, place enough pink rice and roll into a log - you will have 5 petals

Take the one full nori sheet and place regular sushi rice as shown on picture

Lay 3 logs of pink rice on it, then top with 1 slice of carrot and the other two pink rice logs

Adjust these "filling" that it would stack nicely so when you slice the sushi, it will show a flower

Roll the sushi, tightened with the bamboo roller, and slice


Step 2: Fish Cake Sushi

To make the regular sushi roll on the left and the fish cake sushi on the rice, is pretty simple

Lay a nori sheet, place sushi rice, spreading nicely, and have the filling in the center, such as ready to use fish cake (kamaboko - can be purchased at Asian store or supermarkets), vegetables, avocado, etc

Roll, tightened with bamboo mat, and slice


NOTE: sometimes I add mayonnaise, Sriracha sauce, etc for my sushi. Again, you can use any flavoring that you like

Step 3: Egg Omelet (Tamagoyaki)

For making the omelet, you can use any recipes for making regular omelet, however, instead using regular round pan, tamagoyaki is using rectangular pan.

For this instruct-able, I use:

3 eggs

4 tbsp dashi broth (store bought)

1/2 tbsp sugar

1 tsp soy sauce

1 tsp mirin (store bought)

a pinch of salt

Beat eggs lightly and mix in the rest of the ingredients

Brush your pan with a little oil and pour a little mixture into the pan

Once the omelet starting to look firming on the bottom, roll from one end to the other end and pour more egg mixture, shown on the picture. Once this layer is firming as well, roll to the first layer, and pour more egg mixture (so you are making 3 layers of omelets)

Once omelet is cooked, place onto the bamboo mat and tightened it before slicing

This sliced omelet is then attached onto a small rectangular shaped sushi and secured it with "ribbon" made of by cutting nori sheet.


Step 4: Teddy Bear Sushi Roll

You can use any flavoring, seasoning to your preference.

For this teddy bear, I use

2 full nori sheets - one is to be cut as shown on picture, which is from 1 full nori sheet, cut into 2 small same size nori sheets that will be the eyes of the bear. From the same nori, cut 1 size which is slightly bigger from the previous two, this will be the nose part. From the left over of the same nori sheet, cut into two small same size nori sheets, these will be the ears of the bear. And the very left over, leave it as is, and this is to be the head. So from your 1 nori sheet, you will make 6 portions of nori sheets, 2 eyes, 2 ears, 1 nose, 1 head.

From 2 small nori sheets, spread sushi rice evenly and roll into 2 logs.

From 1 nori sheet, spread sushi rice and place a steamed carrot in the center and roll.

From the other 2 small nori sheets, spread sushi rice that is already seasoned with soy sauce, roll into logs

From the left over of the nori sheet, sperad sushi rice that is seasoned with soy sauce, place 2 regular sushi (white) rice logs as shown then top with carrot sushi roll, so they are stacking. Make sure this stacking will form eyes and a nose once sliced.

Top the whole thing with soy sauce rice and roll, tightened with bamboo mat.

Take another nori and lay the head susi on this nori to see how big you would cut the nori (the head sushi wont be as long as a full nori, that is why you have to lay it on the full nori to see before cutting)

Once you have the measurement and cut the full nori, spread regular sushi rice on it. Place the 2 soy sauce sushi logs as shown on picture and then top with the head sushi, stacking them nicely that once it's sliced it will give ears for the head.

Roll the whole and tightened it with bamboo mat and slice.


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