Introduction: Pretty Hanging Fabric Bird

There are lots of these about to buy and they are so easy to make. I have lots as i also sell them. They look great hanging around your home. They cost virtually nothing as you can use scraps or old textiles.

1, cut out a bird shape in paper. Lay 2 little pieces of fabric right sides in. Lay paper template on top and draw around using a pencil or taylors chalk

Step 1: Sew

Machine or hand sew around pencil line leaving a 3cm gap in the centre top for turining through and the ribbon. trim round and snip into curves and any corners

Step 2: Stuff

Turn through and fill with fibre fill. Take a piece of ribbon 20cm long and fold in half. place 1cm into the gap, close the gap. Pin and sew closed catching the ribbon as you go.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Add beads or buttons for eyes. Add fabric wings or a bow as i did. You could also embroider on it. Hang around your home to cheer you up. Husbands will complain and say they get in the way when hung on cupboard doors.  Just ignore them!!!