Pretty Wallpaper Paper File Storage

Introduction: Pretty Wallpaper Paper File Storage

Make this pretty paper file from some card and old wallpaper. Or new wallpaper. co-ordinate it to your room so your desk looks fabulous.  

You will need
A cerial box
Wallpaper scraps
7pieces of Card
Double sided tape

Step 1: Make the Front and Back

Cut out the big sections of the cerial box and make 1" bigger on the smallest edge than the A4 card.
Lay the pieces on top of your wallpaper, cut around the pieces adding 1" for folding over. Fold the excess over mitre the corners and use the double sided tape to hold in place. Now stick a piece of the card on each of the front and back sections to make it neat and hide the card.

Step 2: Bottom

Take another piece of the card and score into 3 sections long ways.  The middle needs to be 4" and either side 2". Fold the outer sections in towards the middle.  
Put the 2 covered front and back sections wrong side up on the table 4" apart. Now lay the piece you have just scored on the top so that the middle 4" is in the gap and stick the 2" sections to the front and back.

I hope that makes sense it is really hard to explain now i am typing. You will understand as you do it.

Step 3: Sides

Take another piece of the card and fan fold equally all along. Do this from short edge to short edge.
Stick tape on each end and stick one end to the front and one end to the back. Go as close to the edge and the bottom as you can. Repeat for the other side.

Step 4: Sections

Take the remaining 2 pieces of card and place tape on either short edge of each piece. 
Stick into folds where you want them to go. I placed mine evenly. You could add more if you wanted.

Step 5: The Bow

Finally use a hole punch to make holes in the top of the front and back. Thread your chosen ribbon through.
There you have a beautiful file.
I have had lots of lovely comments on this and am going to run a "Pretty up your desk" workshop early next year

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