Introduction: Prickly Deadly Flowers Cap

I saw instructables about the Halloween contest 2019. I started

thinking about how to enter as I wanted to make a prop which does not disturb one's budget and can be made by recyclable things. finally I reached to plan of making the PRICKLY DEADLY FLOWERS CAP.

Step 1: Eggs Tray for Making Prickly Flowers

I used the plastic dish of eggs for making the flowers. the

cap was made by using an old water bottle. i folded the yellow rough wire on the cap to give It a chilling effect. I cut the flowers then I stuck them on the cap. then I painted with gray spray paint

finally I fixed the two blowing cherry lights which I had to
give it a gloomy effect. my PRICKLY DEADLY FLOWERS cap is ready which I fixed on my son's head. he felt really weird and scared.

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