Introduction: Primitive Torsion Spring Foot Snare

In this instructable I will show you how to create a foot snare out of sticks and cord that is designed to replicate to use of the steel jawed foothold trap.

Step 1: Lashing the Frame

Lash a triangular frame as shown, with the end binding lashed in such a way to create a torsion spring when twisted. The best cordage to use is nylon (such as paracord) due to its inherent elasticity.

Step 2: Carving the Trigger

A trigger is carved from a fork of the same tree the frame was made from, this holds underneath the cross stick of the frame and latches down the spring stick when set.

Step 3: Threading the Snare

A snare made from cord or cable is tied off to the cross stick, threaded up through a loop on the end of the spring arm and tied into a noose. On triggering the arm carries the snare up around the leg (or in this case my finger).

Step 4: Light Weight Version for Birds

Here is the same trap but make with a lighter weight spring, arm and snare made from fishing line. This trap was set by laying some newspaper on the trigger and burying it, catching a birds like magpies, pigeons and a galah which were all released unharmed.

Step 5: Version 2 for Non-elastic Bindings

I redesigned the trap to better function with natural cordage or leather spring bindings, here the fork of a limb bends inward to hold the potential energy. The trigger is easily made by using another section of the bench with a notch cut from the centre. The snare is threaded in the same way as version 1.

Step 6: Setting Version 2

The forked frame is a little harder to bed firmly then the triangle frame. Keep the hole tight around the trigger and cover with a leaf, give a dusting of dirt and then lay out the snare and finish with another layer of dirt. Finish by pegging or tying off the other end of the snare wire. When the animal steps on the trigger the spring arm fires snaring the animal by the leg.

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