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Only In Ur Mind: Princess Leia from Star wars

Welcome to Only In Ur Mind. With Star Wars Force Awakens about to be release soon, I decided to do Princess Leia make-up plus I had the costume and that is basically all you need for people to know that you are Princess Leia. I hope you enjoy!

Make-up used (Beauty make-up would be best instead of face and body paint)

Pariadise face paint in black

Wolfe face and body paint in rich ivory

Eye-shadow in black

Face-painting sponge

Music: intro and outro music by:seffapeffa music by: brickz72

Step 1:

Really this would be a better make-up if you were to do beauty make-up instead of using face and body paint if you have the Princess Leia costume.

- I used face paint Wolfe face and body paint in rich ivory or a foundation of your choice all over the face.

- If needed if in eyebrows (I needed to) with dark brown with Wolfe face and body paint in brown or use brown eye pencil.

- use black eye shadow to shade areas around the face, like nose, cheeks, forehead, and remember to referrer to the photo to see where the shadows fall on the face.

-use natural or/and white eyeliner in bottom water line to make eyes like bigger

Step 2:

- I used paradise face and body paint in black to line the top and sides of my eyes but a black eyeliner would be best.

-: Blush on cheek bones

- high light under eyebrow with the same Wolfe face and body paint in fair ivory or your foundation.

- lip stick

Step 3:

- Use wig cap

- wig

- costume

- add more high lights if needed

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    Hello! I THINK your title has a spelling error. Change "Form" to "From". Or maybe not. Not sure.

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    Only In Ur Mind

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    O wow, thank you ?. I'll fix that right Now.