Introduction: Pringle Buena Vistas

An instructable on how to make my favorite snacks consisting of Pringles, hot sauce, Lee and Perrins and (optional) olives.

Step 1: Collecting Ingredients

You will need:
-Pringles (I use original flavor, but barbecue works well too)
-Tabasco sauce (or any similar hot sauce, e.g. Cholula, Valentina , El Pato, El Yucateco (habanero) and Buffalo chipotle.)
-Lee and Perrins
-Olives (optional)

The first thing to do is use the top of the pringles (the little plastic circle) and place it top down on a table so it will catch drops of the sauces that will be put on the pringle.

Step 2: Add Tobasco

Put a few drops of Tabasco on to Pringle depending on how hot you like it.

Step 3: Add Lee and Perrins and Adding the Top Layer

Add 3-4 drops of Lee and Perrins on to the top but be careful because it will probably run off if you put too much on (hence using the plastic lid to catch it!). Putting another pringle on top will stop the L&P getting away.

Step 4: Optional Toppings

If you like it really hot, add some more Tabasco on the top and ad a sliced olives if you fell like it. I invented this snack while listening to Buena Vista Social Club, a fantastic band that plays Cuban music. Throw on a CD and chow down!