Introduction: Print 1:1 Scale Drawing on Multiple A4 Sheets (using Fusion360)

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Simple guide to print 1:1 scale.This can be done in any professional CAD application and in some freeware/budget ones.

I used this method for printing out a mechanical drawing (400x125mm) of a backplate I designed in F360.
Taped the A4 sheets together and followed the drawing to make bends, cut-outs, drilling holes and threads.
It is much easier and precise compared to manually measure every dimensions and sketch it by hand.
Printing this way will be my go-to technique going forward. It is more consistent and a quick way to go from idea to a physical design. Testing out different variants to compare can be done quickly, not worried about potential mistakes. Most of the issues that may occur are prevented by proper scale and less manual work.

My first print failed due to user settings but my second test proved to be 1:1 in scale. So you might have to fine tune the print settings if you get bad prints, but it should be easy to resolve the issue in my opinion.


Fusion360, it's optional as most CAD applications can do this, some of them have printing built in to the software itself
Laserprinter (mission critical)
3D model converted to a mechanical drawing, exported as PDF file (mission critical)
A4 office sheets
Windows built-in print dialogue box. I do recommend Adobe Acrobat or equivalent if available.
A lot more advanced functions and settings to be changed.
Caliper (optional but recommended)
L-shaped 90 deg angle measurement hook (optional but recommended)
Regular ruler of your choice (mission critical)
Misc. tools & materials scissors, hobby-knife, pen, clay, glue, regular transparent tape and masking-tape
(optional but its important that a print doesn't flex, move or bend. Millimeters turns out to be a very large unit when threaded holes are off center and you can't align the screws properly to it)

Step 1: Print 1:1 Scale Drawing on Multiple A4 Sheets (using Fusion360)

Open a new drawing from design

Step 2: Pick A1 Sheet Size

Step 3: Press "OK"

Step 4: Place View > Pick 1:1 Scale > Press "OK" > Optional Step to Avoid Wasted Sheets

Step 5:

Step 6: Check Boxes > Click "OK"

Step 7: In Windows > CTRL + P > Pages to Print: All Pages > Poster > Full Scale > Landscape