Introduction: Print a Smiley Metal by Transfer.

You need of:

Wax of candle

or blowtorch

Tin Tumbler

Plaster and sand.

Step 1: Cut the Top of a Plastic Tumbler

Cut the top of a plastic tumbler (or other to have a round base).

Then stick him to pour some wax of candle there.

Step 2: Stick the Plastic Tumbler and Pay Some Wax.

Make lightning the wax of candle, and flow(sink) into the plastic tumbler.

Wait for the cooling and turn out.

Then sculpture the model for which you wish (here a simple smiley)

Step 3: ​Prepare Your Coffering

Prepare your coffering to make a mold in refractory plaster.

Stick your model with some wax, for not not which it goes back up(raises) (the wax floats)

Step 4: Prepare Your Refractory Plaster

.It is necessary to mix 50 % plaster and 50 % of sand (you obtain a refractory plaster).

Add to it some water, to have a mixture rather liquid (easier to pour).

Then pour the plaster by above the sculptured smiley.

Step 5: ​Turn Out the Plaster.

Wait for approximately the 1 hour, to turn out.

Step 6: Remove the Wax Before the Casting of Metal

.Place your mold in plaster in an oven of kitchen (110°c, to melt the wax.It is necessary to place an aluminum bowl or steel underneath to get back the melted wax.

He should not more stay of wax in the mold before removing him.

Step 7: ​Melt the Tin.

Once the tin in fusion, it is necessary to pay him quickly into the mold in plaster.

Step 8: Turn Out the Metal.

The tin in the mold, it is necessary to wait approximately 15 minutes, to turn out.

It will be necessary to you to break the mold in plaster to take out the smiley metal.

Step 9: Finish

Here is your logo / smiley or other metal decoration tin.