Introduction: Print on Toilet Paper

An easy way to use your home printer to print on your toilet paper

Step 1: Things You Will Need...

          - A standard piece of printer paper
          - A roll of scotch tape
          - A printer
          - A computer
          - 2 sheets of toilet paper

Step 2: Prepare Your Document

You can print just about anything, as long as you keep the margins under 4.5 inches across. The closer your letters are more than 4.5 inches across then will fall off your toilet paper. 
          In word:
                    Go to the page layout tab
                    Click on margins
                    Click on custom margins
                    Enter 2.5" into the left margin box
                    Enter 2.5" into the right margin box
                    Press OK

Step 3: Prepare Your Paper

Place the toilet paper as near to the center of the paper as possible, the more accurate the better your final product will look, you could measure it, the edges should be 2.5" apart. Then tape the toilet paper to the top and bottom of the paper, this should hold the corners and edges down. You really don't need to tape the edges but make sure the toilet paper is taut and flush to the paper.

Step 4: Placing the Paper in the Printer

Place your paper with the toilet paper on it into the paper upside down in the paper input part of your printer. 

Step 5: Print!

Then all you do is hit print on Word!
(sorry no picture)

Step 6: The Result

You should have some toilet paper that has words in it!
           Words of Warning: NEVER put just toilet paper in the printer, you will get the worlds worst paper jam
                                              If the tape is not secure you could get a bad jam
                                              The print heads could deliver unwanted ink in unwanted places, nothing you can do about this

Step 7: Removing the Toilet Paper

To remove the toilet paper from the printer paper you can do a few things:
          You could use an x-acto knife and cut below the tape
          You could peel the tape off the paper and then press it to the back of the toilet paper
          You could cut the tape at the edge of the toilet paper
i, personally, like the first method.